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Accounting & Consulting

  • Bookkeeping 

We keep your business records updated and it enables our clients to make informed decisions. Our team is experienced and well-versed in Bookkeeping services. Our services help prevent any monetary embezzlement suffered on the part of client. It enables our client to make business decision with more clarity.

  • Business Analysis 

Our team lays down all the groundworks to make our clients reach their maximum potential and be competitive in the market. We are well aware of the fact that you command your own business and we serve your best interest in that regard by helping you out in all the technicalities of your product.

  • Financial Analysis & Modeling 

We offer your business with accurate and effective financial modelling that will help you make informed business decisions. Moreover, we help you analyze your financial decisions in the terms of market numbers and provide you with statistical model for your business.

  • Financial Management/CFO 

Our experienced team focuses on the financial implications of your business and we help your business to reach a new level among the contemporary competitors by analyzing your financial potentials and constraints. We provide you with the core services of setting and implementing your financial strategies so that you can lead your coordinated actions through effective measures.

  • HR Administration 

We are aware of the fact that handling employee’s track record and documentation is a laborious and time consuming work. In order to make things easy for you, we accurately update your records on regular basis so we can take some burden off of you by supporting you with the activities such as personnel management and employee registration and audits.

  • Instructional Design 

Our team consists of highly skilled instructional designers who use research-based process and multimedia as tools to increase your learning. Our clients engage in rich and meaningful learning experience to keep their pace with the changing demands of the time.

  • Management Consulting 

We offer client service-oriented consultancy for your projects. Our well-versed team is skillful in advising on your, inter alia, organizational matters. We help your business grow by pounding upon any opportunity which might come in your way.

  • Recruiting 

It doesn’t matter whether you are a well-established firm or just starting out your business. We help you find out some of the very bright minds that gives you urgent hirings and time saving searches. We make your recruiting process enjoyable by providing you an array of option based on your specifications and requirements.

  • Tax Preparation 

We have expert guides who can help you file taxes in a more transparent fashion. You will be made sure that you get maximum refunds and settlements. We have completely got your back on this.

  • Training & Development 

We are well aware of the fact that employees who get quality training are more effective in doing their job and can better serve their customers. We provide you with productive training and easy to do self-development projects. Not only this, but we also increase your employee’s skills to help them make your business to achieve new heights.

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