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Corporate Law

We are financial services experts who apply a wide range of legal principles to resolve highly complex (and sometimes seemingly baffling) problems, while delivering clear, practical advice in a client friendly way across a broad range of financial sectors domestic and international. Our firm is expert in drafting & negotiation…

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banking law

Banking Law

Our Banking Law Division, comprises of specialist Banking Lawyers who provide a whole range of legal advisory services to Banks and Consumers alike in Pakistan. Our services include policy and legal advisory, drafting and advocacy services, covering both domestic and international transactions. Lawyers and Attorneys atour firm strive to reduce litigation times to a minimum. Our rapport…

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property law

Property & Real Estate Law

Are you party to a lawsuit in a real estate matter? Then, you definitely need a real estate Lawyer to represent you in your case. Even if you are not party to any civil lawsuits, you may find that retaining Our Real Estate Lawyer can be quite beneficial. For example,…

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criminal law

Criminal Law

Our record and positive client feedback demonstrate our commitment and dedication to our work. We analyze each case from different perspectives and our personal and professional service ensures that you will never feel be uninformed about your case. We value your input and encourage our clients to be as involved…

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consumer law

Consumer Law

Liability Arising from Defective Products Defective in construction or composition Defective in design Defective because of inadequate warning Defective because of non-conformity to express warranty Proof of manufacturer’s knowledge Liability Arising out of Defective & Faulty Services Liability for faulty or defective services Standard of provision of services Restriction on…

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labor law

Labor Law

At Basit Consultants & Associates LLP, we advise clients on all aspects of employment/labor law, across all sectors, from advising on contractual documentation to complex employees’ disputes, Labor Courts and High Court litigation, individual and collective redundancy processes, protecting confidential information, enforcing restrictive covenants and advising on team moves. We…

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family law

Family Law

OUR lawyers at Basit Consultants & Associates LLP know how to face challenges arising out of difficult and complex family cases. We have a well-trained team, working collaboratively in order to win lawsuits. We are confident as we achieve the needs and best interests of our clients. We represent clients…

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guardian law

Guardian Law

A guardian can be a de facto or a de jure one. Legal guardians and those appointed by the court are de jure guardians. A father is the natural guardian of a child under the age of 18 years under the GWA. As opposed to a de jure guardian, a…

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