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We are financial services experts who apply a wide range of legal principles to resolve highly complex (and sometimes seemingly baffling) problems, while delivering clear, practical advice in a client friendly way across a broad range of financial sectors domestic and international. Our firm is expert in drafting & negotiation of commercial agreements, including but not limited to as follows:

  • Securitization Transaction related documents;
  • Privatization Transaction related documents;
  • Acquisition related documents;
  • Merger related documents;
  • Listing & Delisting of Companies/Securities related documents;
  • Concession Transaction related documents;
  • Power Project related documents;
  • Infrastructure Financing & Security related documents;
  • Bilateral conventional Financing & Security related documents;
  • Syndicated conventional Financing & Security related documents;
  • Real Estate matters related documents;
  • Companies related documents;
  • Partnerships related documents;
  • Trusts, Societies, Funds, etc. related documents;
  • Intellectual Property related documents;
  • Telecommunication related documents; &
  • Foreign Exchange related documents.


  • Companies Ordinance, 1984,
  • Companies (General Provisions and Forms) Rules, 1985,
  • Single Member Companies Rules, 2003 and
  • Code of Corporate Governance for limited companies.

We advise in the following:

  • Restriction on the right to transfer its shares
  • Number of its members
  • Invitation to the public to subscribe for the shares
  • Debentures of the company.
  • Special Resolution
  • Annual General Meeting
  • Voting Rights
  • Time period for notice
  • Memorandum of Association (MOA)
    • Financial Structure of the company
    • Share Capital
    • Company’s business operations
      • Name clause,
      • Registered Office Clause,
      • Object Clause,
      • Liabilities Clause, and
      • Authorized Capital Clause.
  • Articles of Association
  • Articles of Association
    • Internal regulations for the management of the company.
    • Roles and Functions of the company’s management.
    • Company Management’s operations
    • Transcribe rules for conducting its daily business in accordance with applicable laws
      • Transfer and transmission of shares,
      • Mode of alteration in capital,
      • Holding of meetings,
      • Voting, powers and duties of directors and chief executive,
      • Distribution of dividends,
      • Capitalization of profits and reserves,
      • Preparation of accounts,
      • Winding up, etc.

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