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Engineering & Architecture

• 3D Modeling Rendering, and Visualization

Our 3D services create your product by reference images with the help of latest 3D software and designated tools. Our 3D visualization also make your product more prolific and stand out among the others. Being an expert, we have expertise in 3D Modelling, Rendering, and Visualization.

• Architecture 

We develop a unique and compelling architectural design for your concept. Detailed architectural designs can point out several constraints and limitations in your work. Therefore, your time and money will not go to waste if you choose us as your collaborators.

• BIM Modeling 

We have superior BIM modelling expertise and our team consists of architects and professionals who can design BIM from scratch for you. Your idea will be virtually constructed in front of you before it is realized into reality,

• CAD 

Our extensive CAD experts put you in full control of workflow by producing for you cost-effective and quality solutions. 

• Chemical Engineering 

Our highly trained and technical chemical engineers provide you with cost-effective and responsive solutions for your business. We provide full range of services, from basic research on materials to complete structural and gradient facilities.

• Chemistry

Our qualified and experienced chemists can successfully tackle complex situations you might be involved in, such as stereochemistry, unstable products, and unfavorable chemical properties. We give you complete control over your chemical products and optimize the conditions suitable for your variables.

• Civil Engineering 

Whether you are looking for civil engineer solutions for designing, building, or infrastructure, our expert engineers are ready to take up the multi-faceted complex tasks on your behalf. Our team excels in advanced civil engineering practices and we develop real-time solutions for your design problems.

• Electrical Engineering 

We are committed to effective measures and solutions of technical matters. We specialize in technical hardware in the field of electrical and electronic engineering.

• Energy Management & Modeling 

We have specifically designed tools to redress your productivity and energy issues. We will provide a clear road map and research-based strategy to achieve your cost-saving goals.

• Engineering Tutoring 

Our team has experienced and well-trained tutors to help you step-by-step in our online tutoring courses. From aerospace engineering to polymer engineering, our expert tutors give you guidance in all relevant fields.

• HVAC & MEP Design 

We offer research-based and real-time solutions to our clients to make them stand out as a leader in this competitive market. Our innovative and quality solutions help you with most accurate designs and adjustments.

• Hydraulics Engineering 

When your hydraulic system needs to be repaired or serviced, we will be all you need. We will figure out what’s wrong and will get you running again quickly.

• Industrial Design 

Our industrial design team will help you meet your business requirements by offering you innovative and timely solutions. We create appealing product models which are practically feasible to give you a rewarding user experience.

• Interior Design 

We come up with fascinating and wowsome interior design concepts to help make your place like the heaven on earth. We develop and maintain your reputation by professionally architecting your interior constructions and designs.

• Landscape Design 

Our expert team is ready to take on any landscape design project. Our expert architects and designers have the skills to make your outdoor space a reality.

• Logistics & Supply Chain Management 

We provide you with comprehensive range of logistics solutions tailored to your needs. We get your shipment to the destination, quickly and efficiently.

• Mathematics 

We provide tutoring services in mathematics with various sub-programs. Our team acts as an agent of communication between you and the complex language of mathematics.

• Mechanical Engineering 

We provide service and repairing solutions for various mechanical problems which might come in your way of business. We try and prevent serious mechanical problems from occurring in your machinery by delivering quality service timely.

• Oil & Gas Engineering 

Our team comprises of engineers with years of experience and offer a wide range of oil and gas services to serve our customers. We maintain and develop a comprehensive and unique approach to the modern problems of these sectors. Our team brings together the best technologies out there to help you in this regard.

• PCB Design 

We help to get you to the marketplace faster by laying and designing your PCB timely. Our team utilizes leading industry tools to help you get among the best industrial products.

• Physics 

We are well aware of the problems and the need of our clients to better understand and learn about them. We offer comprehensive and quality solutions and training in physics to help our clients to take complete command over the contextual problems they might face in this it in their manufacturing phase or just plain knowledge.

• Process Engineering 

We can design and improve your chemical processes with the help of our engineering experience in this field. We can provide process engineering support to your products as wide ranging from small process to capital facility-specific process.

• Product Design 

We do a complete thorough research on the kind of product you want to have and develop special capabilities and solutions to achieve your goal of product. Our product design comprises of various phases, and the final phase provides you with the perfect version of your product.

• Quantity Surveying 

We provide support and solutions on all aspects of quantity surveying while keeping complete confidentiality and integrity of the work. Our team has a sound knowledge and experience to suit your various demands.

• Science Tutoring 

When someone struggles in a subject, the most powerful way of learning is get tutored by someone who knows the subject. We have skillful tutors who can help you from scratch to take complete command on the subject of science and its practical applications in the real world problems.

• Sourcing & Procurement 

We believe that our customers always come first and, thus, we procure the products for them in a very transparent and easy process. Your products will be procured at the lowest possible costs and in a reasonable time frame.

• Structural Engineering 

We provide structural design for wide ranging institutional projects. We develop feasible and cost-effective structural designs for our clients so that they can implement their plans successfully.

• Wind Energy 

Our team help clients to design, plan, and build wind energy projects. Our research-based expertise and knowledge will provide you with the deep insight into the kind of constraints one might face and the solutions thereafter. We help your clients by making them to navigate complexities in their wind energy projects.

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