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  • Private Limited Companies

Foreign investors can set up fully foreign-owned private limited companies (LLCs) in Pakistan. The minimum number of shareholders needed in order to register this kind of company is two. Any foreign national can be a shareholder in this kind of company, except for those coming from Israel.

  • Public Limited Companies

Generally speaking, a public limited company has their shares offered to the general public. Those shares are with limited liability. Anyone can acquire the shares. It may be through a public offering or through trading in the stock market. There are two types of public limited companies in Pakistan, unlisted and listed.

  • Foreign Companies

There are three types of company set ups which are called foreign companies.

  • Branch Office

A branch office is a suitable alternative to company registration if your company wants to have a presence in Pakistan without setting up a separate legal entity.

  • Liaison Office

If you want to promote your products in Pakistan, you can set up a 100% foreign-owned liaison office here. Besides product promotion, you can also provide technical advice and assistance, explore the various possibilities of joint collaboration, and export promotion in Pakistan.

  • Wholly owned Subsidiary

Wholly owned subsidiary can be of a local company too as well as of a foreign company. While setting up this type of company there is no need for any permission from the Board of Investment (BOI) Pakistan.

  • Non-Banking Finance Companies (NBFCs)

The non-banking financial services such as asset management services, investment advisory services, leasing, investment finance services and house finance services are provided by asset management companies, investment advisors, leasing companies, investment finance companies and housing finance companies respectively hereinafter referred to as NBFCs. 

  • Non-Profit Organizations

Those of you who are interested in setting up a non-profit entity, there are options of having a non-government organization called the Society, at the local registrar or a NPO at SECP which has national recognition. There are other forms of NPOs like Trusts and Foundations too.

  • Single Member Companies

Just like a Private Limited Company, you can also set up a single member / sole director company in Pakistan. A nominee is needed to be appointed to look after the affairs and to transfer the assets or liabilities of the company to the legal heirs of the sole director after his death. Another option is to register oneself as a sole proprietor at the tax authorities.

  • Limited Liability Partnerships

LLP is a partnership firm best suited to professionals in the consultancy business, especially legal services. Two or more persons can set up LLP. However, there is an option for persons interested in unlimited liability firms, which does not need to be registered with SECP but with the district registrar of firms.

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