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Legal Drafting at Basit Consultants & Associates LLP is a type of technical writing used by lawyers, judges, legislators, and others in law to express legal analysis and legal rights and duties. Legal drafting places heavy reliance on authority. It includes enacted law like statutes, rules, and regulations; contracts (private and public); personal legal documents like wills and trusts; and public legal documents like notices and instructions.

Although preparing an effective legal document is not an easy task, it is not as arcane a task as many people believe it to be. Many of the principles of preparing legal documents are the same as the principles of good writing that apply to any written work. Other principles are specific to the practice of law. A good rule of thumb when preparing a legal document is to pretend that it is being presented as evidence in court and that the opposing lawyer is trying to twist your words to make them appear to mean something other than what you intended.

Agreement Drafting/Vetting

Agreements drafted at Basit Consultants & Associates LLP for our clients around the country have unique edge in that.

Experts at Basit Consultants & Associates LLP draft legal documents, contracts dealing with legal relations between clients and agreements settling disputed issues, always attempting to find the best solution for the client.

Drafting of Legal Documents

  • Power of Attorney
  • Vetting of Documents
  • Plaints
  • Written Statements
  • Constitutional Petitions
  • Petitions
  • Applications
  • Counter Affidavits
  • Rejoinders
  • Replies and Complaints
  • Legal Notices
  • Replies to Legal Notices
  • Statutory Notices and their replies (if required)

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