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Are you party to a lawsuit in a real estate matter? Then, you definitely need a real estate Lawyer to represent you in your case. Even if you are not party to any civil lawsuits, you may find that retaining Our Real Estate Lawyer can be quite beneficial. For example, if you are creating or party to a trust, contract, mortgage, title, or lease Our Real Estate Lawyer can advise you of your legal rights and obligations to save you a lot of money and legal hassles. Our Real Estate Lawyer can also help you if you are running a business. Businesses end up in civil lawsuits all the time. A Real Estate can give you timely advice that can save you from costly civil litigation.

We are a leader in the provision of civil law services in Pakistan. We provide our clients with both legal advice and legal solutions. For property matters, the Our Legal Team also represents estate agents, whom it provides with legal services during conveyancing and agreements resolving relations. As such relations are very wide-ranging the skills of our Team are constantly being perfected.

We deal in:

  • Transfer of property;
  • Construction Law;
  • Property Law;
  • Registry;
  • Transfer of inherited property;
  • Declaration;
  • Name Change;
  • Real Estate Law;
  • Partition of Properties;
  • Cancellation of Documents;
  • Specific Performance of Contracts;
  • Restoration of Possession of Properties;
  • Permanent Injunctions;
  • Recovery of Money and Mesne Profits;
  • Declaration of Rights with Consequential Relief;
  • Recovery of Damages;
  • Succession Certificates;
  • Stay Orders;
  • Ejectment of tenant;
  • Recovery of rent amount;
  • Registration of rent deeds;
  • Estate & Trust;
  • Inheritance Law;
  • Personal Property
  • Gift/Will.
  • Rent Deed
  • Drafting of Tenancy Agreement
  • Short-hold Tenancy Agreements
  • Lease Agreement
  • Agreement to sell
  • Sale Deed
  • Gift Deed
  • Trust Deed
  • Lease Deed
  • Will Deed

OUR lawyers provide a broad range of skills and experience to enhance the business of the real estate industry. The Firm assists all who are involved in the dynamic real estate field.

We are regularly instructed by buyers and sellers, lenders and borrowers, landlords and tenants and our breadth of experience means that we are quickly able to identify and resolve any legal issues that arise during the course of any transactions.

Our clients include the public and third sector, as well as property developers, investors, financial institutions, owner, occupiers, landlords, tenants, as well as private individuals.

We work closely with our Corporate team to deal with the property aspects on take-overs, buy outs and refinancing, and with tax consultants in relation to the sale and purchase of residential properties by overseas owners and corporations and the re-financing of such properties.

Call us or Visit us if you have any questions like these or any other query you may have:

  • What is Aks-Shajra?
  • What is meant by Fard Malkiat?
  • What is Mutation (Intiqal)?
  • What is meant by Tattima Registry?
  • What is meant by Khasra?
  • What is Khasra Garrdwari?
  • What is meant by Survey?
  • I am going to buy a flat in a building under construction, what are the papers should I check?
  • Can immovable property be sold while it is mortgaged?
  • What is stamp duty and who is liable to pay the stamp duty, the buyer or seller?
  • Who maintains Land Record?
  • I am a co-sharer in a property can I sell the said property?
  • Is mutation is a title document?
  • What is the name of the document, which creates title in immovable property?
  • What is meant by Conveyance Deed or Sale Deed?
  • From where I can obtain my house documents or title deeds of my property?
  • What laws generally deal with real estate in Pakistan?
  • What safety precautions should I take before buying property or real estate in Pakistan?
  • In name of a Company, property is registered before purchasing it, what documents should I inspect?
  • Can corporate bodies use residential properties as office space?
  • Can foreigners buy Property in Pakistan?
  • What inheritance laws apply in Pakistan?
  • Is transfer of every immovable Property needs registration in Pakistan?
  • An overseas Pakistani without visiting Pakistan can buy Property?
  • What are important documents one should check before buying any property?
  • What are the documents required to legally own a house?

Power of Attorney

Call us or Visit us if you have any questions like these or any other query you may have:

  • What is Power of Attorney?
  • Person holding Power of Attorney can transfer property in his name?
  • Can I revoke my Power of Attorney?
  • When would a Power of Attorney get cancelled?
  • Is my Power of Attorney effective after I die?

Law of Gift & Will

Call us or Visit us if you have any questions like these or any other query you may have:

  • What are essentials of Gift?
  • What can form part of a Gift?
  • Can gift be revoked?
  • What are distinguishing features of gift from those of Will?
  • Can the whole property be part of the Will?
  • Can any sibling claim their inheritance from the Will for another?

Succession Certificate

Call us or Visit us if you have any questions like these or any other query you may have:

  • What are the legal requirements to obtain succession certificate in Pakistan?
  • Is security bond is required by the court before issuance of succession certificate?
  • What procedure should legal heir/s adopt to get possession of money in the bank of deceased in Pakistan?
  • How long should it take to obtain the Succession certificate from the court?
  • Is there any time limit within which succession certificate must be obtained?
  • Is succession certificate necessary as I am the only child of my deceased parents?
  • If a shareholder who held shares in his sole name dies how his legal heir/s can get the shares transmitted in their names?
  • Can court grant more than one succession certificate to the same legal heir/s?
  • On what grounds succession certificate can be cancelled /revoked in Pakistan?

Suit for Declaration

Call us or Visit us if you have any questions like these or any other query you may have:

  • What do we need to obtain immovable property?
  • For substitution of name/s of legal heir/s of deceased person in the record of ownership/proprietorship what we need?
  • Under what law we file suit for declaration in Pakistan?
  • What are the legal requirements for filing Suit for Declaration?
  • What is the estimated time for getting decree in declaration suit?
  • Can the names of the legal heirs be substituted in the relevant records kept or maintained by the concerned departments?
  • Is there any time limit for applying to a court for a decree of declaration of legal heirs?

Illegal Occupation of Property

Call us or Visit us if you have any questions like these or any other query you may have:

  • If anyone disposes lawful owner from his property is there any punishment for him?
  • Usually in property disputes parties file civil suits, but in case of property grabbers what to do?
  • I am having a dispute over a house of our ancestral my relative got possession of it, can I lodge a complaint?

Rent Law

Call us or Visit us if you have any questions like these or any other query you may have:

  • Is agreement in writing necessary to create the relationship of landlord and tenant?
  • What is tenancy agreement?
  • How is tenancy agreement made?
  • Who is responsible for registration of the tenancy agreement before Rent Registrar?
  • What happens if tenancy agreement is not registered in the office of Rent Registrar?
  • What are the provisions for rent increment in The Punjab Rented Premises Act, 2009?
  • What is the mode of payment of rent?
  • What if mode of payment is not mentioned in the tenancy agreement?
  • How does the eviction of tenant take place according to Punjab Rented Premises Act, 2009?
  • What is subletting? Can a tenant without consent of landlord sublet rented premises?
  • Can a lease be terminated before an agreed time period?
  • Who will pay taxes on the property, landlord or tenant?
  • Can landlord and tenant freely agree to determine any rent or the law fixes any particular amount of rent?
  • What can a tenant do if a landlord refuses to return his security?
  • Can I make rent agreement for more than 11 months or is it compulsory to make agreement for less than 11 months?
  • My lease /rent agreement has been expired, now tenant has been overstaying. The agreement was not renewed; tenant now refuses to vacate my house. What legal action can be taken?
  • Can a landlord get his property vacated from a tenant, by filing a petition, when there is no written agreement of tenancy between landlord and tenant?
  • If a tenant wants to improve the landlord’s premises, can he do so and will he end up paying more rent because of improvements made by him?
  • Is a verbal tenancy agreement legal?
  • Do tenancy agreements need to be witnessed?

Get advice in:

  • Private tenancy;
  • Rent Deposit Schemes;
  • Private Landlord Advice;
  • Tenant Ejectment;
  • Rent of commercial properties;
  • Tenancy matters in Cantonment areas;
  • Landlord to let out the premises to a tenant;
  • Tenancy Agreement registered by rent Registrar;
  • What if Tenancy Agreement is not registered;
  • Rent Tribunal;
  • Fine on Landlord for non-registration;
  • Government Treasury;
  • Rent increment;
  • Enhancement of rent;
  • Rate of Rent;
  • Rate of Enhancement;
  • Due date of Rent;
  • Mode of payment of rent;
  • Eviction of tenant;
  • Expiry of Tenancy;
  • Tenant’s failure to pay rent;
  • Tenant’s breach of Tenancy Agreement;
  • Tenant’s use of the premises for a purpose different from the one for which it was let out;
  • Subletting without consent of landlord;
  • Taxes, fee or charge on Property;
  • Reimbursement of Taxes, Fee or charge on Property;
  • Determination of any amount of rent;
  • Landlord’s refusal to return Tenant’s security;
  • Civil suit Refund of security;
  • Registration of Tenancy Agreement required after a certain period;
  • After expiry of Tenancy Agreement, tenant overstays;
  • Tenant refuses to vacate the premises;
  • Application for eviction of tenant;
  • Suit for possession;
  • Tenant’s improvement of the landlord’s premises;
  • Verbal tenancy agreement; &
  • Witnesses to Tenancy agreements.

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