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Web, Mobile & Software Dev

• AR/VR Development 

Our team has pratical expertise and research-based knowledge in Virtual and Augmented Realities technology. We develop solutions and innovative designs to help our clients deal with this emerging and exciting technology. We also provide variations of AR/VR development services for clients looking to fine-tune the operations of their business.

• Automation QA 

Our services include test automation framework setup and scripts developments for our client’s software. We also provide automated software testing services for end-to-end testing.

• Back-End Development 

We develop back-end side of the desktop applications and programs for our customers by carefully considering the constraints and limitations of the projects. Our development is cost-effective and timely.

• CMS Customization and Development

We specialize and provide customization and development services for CMS and Open-Source web based applications. We deliver excellent quality projects in a reasonable time frame.

• Database Development 

Doesn’t matter if you are running a small-scale business or a large corporation, database development is a must-have as it provides you with complete command and control over your business analytics. We design and develop a user friendly experience for your database.

• Desktop Software Development 

Our team has competent and qualified professional who can develop desktop software for our clients in a multitude of frameworks ranging from .Net MVC to WPF. We develop quality desktop softwares in a short period of time frame.

• Ecommerce Development 

We offer multi-platform ecommerce development services to guide you through a large pool of ecommerce vendors present on the market and help you find the one best suited for your business needs. 

• Emerging Tech 

Our engineers have deep expertise in delivering custom solutions in augmented and virtual realities, AI & machine learning, BLE and IoT.

• Firmware Development 

 Our firmware expertise lies in writing various routines and subroutines for different tasks. We also develop custom embedded software for a wide range of microcontroller (MCU) and digital signal processors (DSP).

• Front-End Development 

If you are looking for a cheesy design, and an eye catching front-end, our team has expertise and skills to get you going.

• Full Stack Development 

We provide our clients with services ranging from simple static front-end to high-performance backend. Also, our web development service make your website fully responsive.

• Functional QA 

We know that our clients’ success depends upon the quality of their products. To help ensure an optimal end-user experience, we deliver customized Functionality Quality Assurance.

• Game Development 

We offer exceptional 2D and 3D game development services across different platforms including iOS, Android and Windows phone. Our team is experienced and well-versed in the game development industry.

• Mobile App Development 

We offer best mobile app development services by using various popular open source frameworks. We create a user-friendly and seamless experience for our clients.

• Mobile Design 

We help your business succeed by establishing clear interface guidelines for your products.  Our professional designers offer only the best solutions for your mobile sets ideas.

• Mobile Game Development 

We are one of the leading mobile game development companies with vast clientage all over the globe. Our mobile games provide users with seamless and user-friendly experience, with easy to navigate controls.

• Product Management 

We will manage and maintain your product through out its life cycle. Our product management services include support for market analysis, providing roadmap, and requirements management.

• Prototyping 

We make high quality prototype models for your products so you can get a better understanding and point out any constraints or limitations, if any. We continue launching our prototypes for our clients unless they are made satisfied with a certain version.

• Scripting & Automation 

We value our customers and their needs. Our scripting and automation services integrate functionality tools for developing test scripts for automated execution. Our quality test automation reduces testing time and efforts considerably.

• Scrum Master 

We create a stable and organized team with engaging direction so that our clients can help resolve organizational impediments. We provide scrum coaching and consulting to meet the needs of our clients in a meaningful way.

• Software Development Tutoring 

We provide you a comprehensive and detailed outlined software developed tutoring. Our tutoring classes are divided into a series of phases, making you learn the core principles and techniques of software development by using latest development technologies.

• User Research 

You can now pick a wide range of research services which we can offer you, from developing surveys and questionnaires to interviews and workshops. Our team believes in research-based knowledge and its applicability in the practical applications.

• UX/UI Design 

Our website designers provide you with fully responsive website designs for all kinds of devices, such as tablets, phones, and desktops. We make interactive user learning experience and easy to navigate style so that you can fully take command and control over your business website.

• Web Design
Our expert designers make your website style and experience beautiful and thriving. We offer you complete web-based solutions to generate engagements and results for your business. Our timely delivery of projects ensure that you don’t get left behind in the emerging web design aura.

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