Basit Consulting Group

• Business and Grant Writing 

We draft and plan professional business documents for you. Our business writing services include proposal writing, grant writing, case study writing, and much more. Our writing style is simple and easy to understand for any kind of end user to take full grasp of the content.

• Career Coaching 

Our expert career coaches help you guide through a job search, interviews, developing resumes, and everything which might come in between. We launch virtual sessions for our clients to provide them with affordable and accessible career coaching services.

• Content Writing 

Our professional content writers make sure that your content stands out from the rest. Whether you want to get the content written for your business website or a personal project document, our quality content drives result for you at an affordable prices and within feasible time frames.

• Copywriting 

We can do copywriting services for you which can prove to be a lightning wire for your business. We ensure to protect you from any kind of content forgery which you may encounter and offer you copywriting services which stand out from the rest of industry.

• Creative Writing 

Our creative writers create unique and compelling content which is second to none. We have unique ideas and concepts which can take your story to a whole new different level.

• Editing & Proofreading 

If you have a document which is well written but you aren’t still quite sure about its editing, formatting, and any kind of mistakes, then we do editing and proofreading services for your content. Our proofreaders get you results in a relatively short span of time and with quality work.

• Ghostwriting 

Our ghostwriters can transform your story into words. We get your story done and remotely deliver it wherever you might be. We provide confidential and professional book ghostwriting services.

• Technical Writing 

We are aware of the technicalities of your business and the need to translate them into words might be a daunting task. However, we take some burden off from you by offering you professional technical writing services, let it be business manuals, work manuals, lab manuals, or any kind of technical work which might require complete command over the subject’ knowledge.

• Writing Tutoring 

Writing skills are a must for any business and they can provide you a leverage over any business individual. We provide you with writing tutoring and virtual sessions to develop your writing abilities and taking them to the next level gradually.

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